International driver

  • New auto trains VOLVO, DAF, ecological class Euro-5
  • Own repair base
  • Worthy and timely compensation.
  • Visas and health insurances at the expense of the entity
  • Directions of a cargo transportation: EU countries, Serbia, Russian Federation, Central Asia, Turkey.
  • You can always consult by phone, our managers will give you the complete information about employment.
  • You can arrive to an interview at any time.


  • Age from 25 to 55 years;
  • Availability of category E, work experience on category at least 2 years;
  • Work experience international driver at least 1 year;
  • At least 15 independent flights out of limits of the CU;
  • High level of discipline, lack of addictions;

On an interview to have the following documents (in the absence of any documents, they can be arranged in the course of employment):

  • Passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation,
  • Car driver license,
  • The service record – if on hands (either the copy, or any other document a confirmatory work experience),
  • TIN,
  • Pension certificate,
  • The foreign passport existing and also old passports in the presence,
  • Card of the driver,
  • The medical driver’s certificate (2 years aren’t more senior),
  • Military ID,
  • The certificate of birth of children (up to 18 years),
  • Photo of-1 piece (any).

If you were interested in our offers, please for efficiency fill in the questionnaire and send us to the e-mail address, and also documents:

  • passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation,
  • car driver license,
  • the service record, or other other document a confirmatory work experience (if on hands),
  • the medical certificate (2 years aren’t more senior),
  • photo.

Dear candidates, if you send the questionnaire in electronic form, then earnest request, to scan or to take high-quality pictures of the following documents: passport, car driver license, service record and medical certificate.

Phone for reference: +7 920 316 22 22



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