Transcom: ASMAP-Profi 2019

On June 6, 2019, the 12th All-Russian competition of skills for drivers of the main road trains “ASMAP-Profi” was held, dedicated to the 45th anniversary of the Association.

The competition was attended by 25 drivers from 25 transport companies – members of the Association. Qualified arbitration was carried out by a team of professional judges under the leadership of Chief Justice Anatoly Finko and the Chief Secretary, sports judge of the first category of the Motor Sports Federation of Moscow / Russian Automobile Federation Boris Levinsky.
The task of each driver was to go as fast as possible along the course of the competition and the exercises located on it with the least penalty seconds. In the struggle for leadership, the drivers showed their mastery of coupling control-moving in a circle in a confined space, performing horizontal parking, “track”, tunnel gates when reversing, and other exercises.
All drivers showed their best professional qualities, showing resilience and will to win.
Our company was represented by the honored driver of Transсom – Alexander Zvontsov. Let not the prize, but the honorable 6th place – a worthy indicator of the skill of our driver!

Транском - участник XII Всероссийского конкурса мастерства водителей магистральных автопоездов «АСМАП-Профи», посвященный 45-летию Ассоциации

All participants received gifts and prizes.