Transcom Company works as a 3PL-operator – it is a modern and convenient solution for cargo delivery.

Lately, many Russian customers have enjoyed the benefits of transferring logistics operations to a 3PL-operator. “3PL” concept includes a wide range of services for cargo transportation, customs paperwork and establishment of a regular delivery system. Above all, it is an organization that delivers cargo directly to the final consumer. With these services the client saves considerable money and is able to effectively use own time resource.

A 3PL-operator works differently than a regular transportation and logistics company. First, 3PL-logistics suggests that the carrier takes full material responsibility for delivery. Secondly, all the issues related to execution of customs and tax documents are also solved by the transport company. Finally, a 3PL-operator is obligated to track the regular delivery of cargo for a particular consumer. In other words, the client only performs the supervision functions, while the logistics company is continuously engaged in delivery operation.

Thus, 3PL-operator services allow the client to completely phase out the transport and logistics department and reduce the amount of paperwork in his company. At the same time the logistics company should at any time provide the customer with a full reporting on delivery, state of the cargo stored in warehouses, customs services, etc.

Transcom warehouse terminal is equipped with modern cargo handling equipment. “WMS Logistics — Warehouse Management” format software allows performing any cargo operations, keeping a modern accounting of cargo in terms of various analytical features – expiration dates, parties, serial numbers, product quality or storage status. The system is integrated with barcode reading devices – data collection terminals and RFID-tags, with storage facilities.