Cargo transshipment at our warehouse

In our cargo transshipment services we focus on the distant regions of Russia that send goods for export.

Cargo is sent from a manufacturer factory, foreign trade operator, to our warehouse in Vyazma, using the transport operating within Russia.

Eighteen-wheeler load weight for such transportation is usually not more than 21 tons.

Depending on the nature of cargo and its packaging, the tonnage may be increased by redistributing the load in the vehicle body.

At the loading location the vehicle executes all necessary documents for export.

Cargo arrives to our warehouse, where under customs supervision it is loaded to our trailer, a note is made in the documents (CMR consignment note).

We can handle cargoes of any complexity.

Cartage will provide the following benefits both for the sender and the end client:

  • Cartage delivery time is the shortest,
  • Cargo is delivered to the end consumer’s warehouse, not to a port, terminal, etc.
  • Full control of cargo throughout the trip via GPS navigation on each of our vehicles,
  • Cargoes for several consumers can be delivered using a single vehicle.

We work also on transfer of the freights following to countries of Western Europe and from railway transport in automobile and his further departure of road trains by own park to the consignee’s door.