Customs clearance

In Russia our company can offer its customers a full range of custom services, we have years of experience in this field.

Being a Customs Representative we can undertake customs operations by our own on behalf of and by order of declarants as well as other persons concerned.

Customs clearance is possible using both client and broker stamp.

Vyazemskiy customs office processes all cargoes, except for excise.

When calculating the clearance cost we take into account the amount of cargo transported per month.

Our employees who are directly involved in the commissioning of vehicles have extensive experience with the widest range of cargoes.

One of the main problems faced by foreign trade operators is the customs value adjustment (CVA). Our customers know that in any case the company will protect their interests and, if necessary — even in court.

Transcom Company can register your company at the customs, check the documents for customs clearance, choose the HS code, calculate customs duties and charges, minimize the risks associated with the CVA.

We have customs agencies for customs clearance in Europe: in Germany, near Berlin, and in Poland, Biała Podlaska. Execution of transit documents does not take a lot of time, the vehicle is processed within an hour, therefore, the delivery period for our vehicles is less than for our competitors.

Our clients can be assured in correct TIR and CMR paperwork: documents will be promptly sent for them for review and for filing a prime entry.