Delivery of cargo requiring special transportation conditions

These cargoes include food and medicines, liquid cargoes in various tanks. All these goods are transported in refrigerated trucks. Our truck fleet is equipped with modern trailers with refrigerated semi-trailers “SCHMITZ” (Germany), Krone (Germany). All trailers are new (2016 – 2018) and maximally equipped.

Each semi-trailer is equipped with modern cooling and freezing installation “Thermo King”, thanks to which we can transport both deep freeze and perishable products requiring cooling only.

Temperature in a trailer during transportation is recorded by an on-board recorder on special tape — even the most demanding customer will be sure that the whole delivery chain, from cargo pickup in Europe to unloading in Russia, was carried out under the required temperature.

Combination vehicle crew for such types of transportation consists of two drivers, so delivery time is significantly reduced.

For example, delivery from the Netherlands is performed within 72 hours after pickup.

If the client needs a faster delivery, the crew may include three drivers.

Our company has dual-chamber refrigerators equipped with a special movable screen and refrigeration unit. This makes it possible to store cargo which requires freezing temperatures in one part of a semi-trailer and cargo which requires +5°C in another part.