Delivery of dangerous cargo (ADR)

Cartage of dangerous cargo is a special category of services.

Our company organizes cartage of dangerous cargo in full accordance with the European Agreement on the transportation of dangerous cargo in international traffic. Dangerous cargoes are classified into 9 classes.

Class 9 – relatively low hazardous substances and materials;
Class 8 – cargoes containing chemical agents;
Class 7 – cargoes having a high degree of radiation hazard;
Class 6 – cargoes with the toxic and biological effect risk;
Class 5 – cargoes containing oxidizers;
Class 4 – highly-flammable cargoes;
Class 3 – liquid flammable cargoes;
Class 2 – cargoes under pressure;
Class 1 – all explosives substances and materials.

We transport all classes of dangerous cargoes except for Class 1 and Class 7.

Drivers of our company have relevant certificates that confirm special training for transportation of such cargoes, vehicles equipped with special ADR-sets including the equipment necessary for safe transport.