Delivery of expensive cargo

In case of delivery of expensive cargo or cargo which customs duties exceed the guarantees on the TIR Carnet our company can offer you a wide range of services.

We are an all-Russian customs carrier, which allows us to transport foreign cargoes through the territory of Russia and the Customs Union without paying customs duties and without customs escort.

The basic conditions that are required for a transport company to be included in the Register of Customs Carriers:

– general form of taxation;
– at least 2 years of experience in international transportation;
– own truck fleet of vehicles authorized for international transportation;
– provision of at least EUR 250 000,00 for customs duties to the Federal Customs Service.

One of the unique features of a customs carrier is the ability to transport goods in an internal customs transit mode.

Our customs carrier license allows our customers to minimize the costs of delivering expensive cargoes — in this case our Client does not need an escort and does not pay the associated costs.