Delivery of groupage cargo

Delivery of groupage cargo is the most difficult type of transportation. Cargoes from three or four customers can be transported in the same combination vehicle. Our company uses combination vehicles with tilt-covered semi-trailers. Combination vehicles include Volvo, Daf trailers and Schmitz, Krone, Kogel semi-trailers. Each combination vehicle is equipped with a satellite tracking system that enables on-line location tracking any time of day or night, seven days a week. Any liability of the carrier in the amount of up to EUR 250 000 is insured by the leading companies of the Russian Federation, the exact same liability is applied if we engage third-party companies for transportation.

Groupage cargoes presuppose that one or several customers use the same combination vehicle, the main condition is that loading or unloading takes place in different locations. Loading can be performed by any option – on the side, top, rear.

Delivery of groupage cargoes is performed after concluding a transportation contract (standard contract form is used) which sets the procedures of accepting and executing one-time applications, as well as responsibilities of the parties and other important terms.

Transportation is documented in an application according to the approved form, it is passed for execution via appropriate procedure. The application includes one transportation: one application – one transportation. Application is filed 72 hours in advance – for international transportation. Application must state all cargo parameters, including seats, loading and unloading locations, date and time. Application received by the manager of the corresponding contract is transferred to the Logistics Department to calculate the route and other parameters for the execution of transportation.

Delivery is carried out at the exact time stated in the application. Minimum delivery period – 4 days. Our ability to perfectly fulfill our obligations extends to this type of delivery. Cargo can be delivered both to the customs terminal and directly to the recipient. Standard cargo can be transported to any country in Central, Southern and Northern Europe — from France to Poland and from Spain to Sweden, as well as predominantly in Russian regions in the Central, Southern, Ural, Northwest, Volga and Siberian Federal Districts.