Evacuation of cargo and transportation of special machinery

We perform evacuation of trucks and transportation of special machinery.
These services are characterized by high labor input.
That is why they require modern cargo tow truck equipped with hydraulic winches, crane systems, cables, chains and other additional devices. A tow truck can lift and pull multi-ton vehicles out of a ditch. Due to a powerful lifting and towing system a tow truck is an irreplaceable vehicle that can help in any emergency situation.
Our tow trucks are greatly equipped, which allows pulling very different vehicles out of ditches or snow drifts and transporting it over long distances, if a vehicle can not move independently as a result of damage.
Our low roader is used for transportation of heavy machinery.
The following modes of transportation are available: with a flexible or rigid towbar, by partial hanging on a tow truck elevator or securing on a platform. Flexible coupling is used only in case of minor damage, when a bus or other vehicle is able to move under its own power.
Safer way is to use a rigid coupling, for special equipment it is better to use a low roader.
Our equipment is operated only by specially trained drivers, high-level experts.
That is why the services of our company are always of high quality.