Tachograph service

Car tachograph or simply a tachograph is a control device that can be installed, calibrated and repaired only in specialized service centers (workshops) with the appropriate security clearance of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation as well as assigned registration number, so-called “brand number”.

Our company provides all kinds of tachograph services, installation and repair:
Tachograph calibration:
Scheduled calibration is performed every two years.
Unscheduled calibration is performed in case of vehicle gearbox repair (removal, installation, tampered seals) or vehicle wheel change.
Reading data from digital tachograph driver cards:
Reading from driver cards is performed at least every 28 days. If the digital tachograph card data is not recorded it is overwritten, leading to the loss of the original data, which is a violation.
Reading data from a digital tachograph:
Reading from a digital tachograph must be performed by the enterprise, using the enterprise card, at least once every three months.
Storing data from a digital tachograph:
Read tachograph data must be stored by the vehicle owner for at least 3 years. Data should be stored for provision to inspection bodies in case of appropriate inspections.
Storing data from an analogue tachograph:
A vehicle driver must store diagram sheets for the last 28 days of his working activity, sheets that are older than 28 days should be passed to the vehicle owner for further storage over the next 3 years and be provided to inspection bodies in case of appropriate inspections.