Deliveries of the German cars to Russia fell almost to 25%

The German export to Russia in the first half of the year 2014 was reduced by 15,5%, to €15,3 billion, data of statistical service of Germany testify.  The stream of goods from Germany to Russia decreases for all six months, and these data yet don’t consider the last aggravation of the crisis which has begun after death of the Malaysia Airlines plane in the east of Ukraine
Most of all Germany delivers to Russia of industrial machines and the equipment (more than 20% of the German export to Russia), and for half a year export of these articles was reduced almost by 19%. Deliveries of the German cars and the autocomponents, holding the second place in export structure, fell off for 24,4%.
Long time the European car makers considered the Russian car market as space for expansion of the business, considering decline in demand in the house markets, notes Reuters. Now these plans should be postponed until the best times.
However, decrease in the German automobile export to Russia began in 2013: for all year it made 13,5%. The Russian car market in 2013 was reduced by 5%, and in January-July of the current year — for 9,9%.